Congratulations to Professor Hua Wang being appointed as the program chairman of SPE Chengdu Section

2019-11-04 13:57:37 administrator 131

       Recently, Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE) has officially appointed Professor Hua Wang as the program chairman of SPE Chengdu Section. The appointment of an important position to a SPWLA member by SPE will be beneficial to the deep integration of petroleum engineering, petrophysics and well logging technology, and promote the exchanges between universities in Southwest China and top international academic organizations, consolidate the ties between academia and industry, and strengthen the communication among academic organizations in the petroleum industry. SPE Chengdu Section and SPWLA Southwest Chapter will work with colleagues to promote the progress of oil and gas exploration and development technologies, and contribute their due strength and responsibility to the security of national energy supply.

      Professor Hua Wang joined the University of Electronic Science and technology of China in the end of 2018 through the University “100 Talents Program”. He is mainly engaged in the research of borehole geophysics technology, induced seismicity monitoring and quantitative characterization