First board member meeting of SPWLA Southwest Chapter

2019-10-23 22:25:20 jw zhou 168

         On the afternoon of June 16, 2019, the first board member meeting of SPWLA Southwest Chapter was held in the State Key Laboratory of reservoir geology and development engineering, Southwest Petroleum University. Wang Hua-chairman of the chapter, the board members and representatives from University of Electronic Science and technology, Southwest Petroleum University and Chengdu University of technology attended the meeting. Professor Wang Hua introduced the establishment purpose and development of SPWLA Association, and discussed several topics at the meeting, such as the preparation of "Chapter inaugural ceremony", SPWLA Asia Pacific Conference, chapter website design, responsibilities of board members and chapter sponsors, etc. Chapter board member gave active suggestions on the preparation and construction of the chapter, and held a heated discussion on the role of the chapter and on how to promote the organization to the region. The meeting called on and actively welcomed the relevant experts and practitioners from universities and enterprises to participate in the activities organized by SPWLA Southwest Chapter, where everyone can cooperate freely while exchange ideas, develop cooperatively, and make contributions to the development of the oil and gas and the mining industry.