SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Seminar

2019-10-23 22:23:49 administrator 164


      On September 23, 2019, the Chapter and the University of Electronic Science and technology invited Xie Zonghai, senior researcher of the research project department manager of corelab company of the United States, to give a speech on the “Two-dimensional NMR relaxation analysis technology in the unconventional shale and application in the study of physical properties of compounds” for the teachers and students from southwest China region. More than 40 teachers and students from the University of Electronic Science and technology and Southwest Petroleum University participated in the seminar.

      The seminar was hosted by Professor Wang Hua, from the School of Resources and Environment. Before the meeting, the Wang first introduced the career and research experise of Xie Zonghai, the keynote speaker, and the role of SPWLA Southwest Chapter. The speaker first introduced the basic concepts of NMR, the signal generation principle and quantitative measurement basis of NMR for the teachers and students. Xie demonstrated the structure and working mode of logging instrument used in nuclear magnetic survey, and explained the routine steps and methods of core analysis using several examples. During the discussion session, teachers and students discussed with the speaker on the topics, such as combination between signal processing methods and unconventional analysis, the calculation of pore size, whether the nuclear magnetic method can explain the dynamic change process after fluid injection, and the selection of test instrument materials.